Firm Profile


Baldwins is an intellectual property patent attorney firm with an associated law firm (Baldwins Law Limited) servicing clients in New Zealand, Australia and throughout the world.

Our mission is to help businesses achieve and maintain their commercial advantage in the marketplace by protecting, developing, commercialising and enforcing their intellectual property assets. We work to understand the special features of each client’s business and we tailor our advice to produce a commercially viable outcome for that particular client.

Managing intellectual property successfully requires a depth of technical skill, legal expertise and business acumen. Baldwins has 6 partners and over 30 IP professionals with advanced academic qualifications and extensive practical experience in science, technology, business and law. 

Our specialists are registered patent attorneys in New Zealand and Australia and/or admitted barristers and solicitors in New Zealand. We also have IP professionals with Australian, European, and UK qualifications and experience, both as patent attorneys and lawyers.

We tap into the diversity of our people to create multi-disciplinary pools of knowledge and skill which enable us to successfully address the complex arena of intellectual property issues in regional and global markets, across a breadth of industry sectors, and for organisations ranging from start-up ventures, to research institutes, small businesses, major New Zealand businesses and multinationals.

Baldwins has twelve teams each focused on a primary area of intellectual property namely patent, trade marks, and designs, which are strongly supported by our dispute resolution and commercial practice. Each practice is led by a partner of the firm working with senior associates, associates, patent or trade mark executives, and support staff.