Pacific Edge has the ‘edge’ at NZBIO Awards

We are delighted to announce that Pacific Edge has won the Biotech Company of the Year award at the NZBIO Annual Excellence Awards Dinner on 29 April 2014. Read More

Is it Really Black & White?

The Convergence Programme was established in 2011 with the aim of addressing the inconsistencies in the operation of the intellectual property offices within the European Community (“EC”). Read More

Taking down quarterbacks to sportswear giants: trade mark dispute “kicks off” between former NFL player and Nike

Another trade mark dispute has “kicked-off” in the world of celebrity catchphrases:  last week Shawne Merriman, former NFL line-backer for the San Diego Chargers, filed a lawsuit in the United States against global sportswear giant Nike (Lights Out... Read More

Celebrities Sell

Celebrity endorsements have become significant marketing tools in our mass media environment.   From Dan Carter’s powerful kick to Miranda Kerr’s dazzling smile, a superstar’s thumbs up will help ensure your product is remembered. Read More

A Retrospective: Raising the Bar on Australian Trade Mark Oppositions

We reflect on the first year of the new Australian trade mark opposition procedures. The Government’s intention in making these changes was to reduce delays and simplify the process. Read More

Swimwear Designer Sees The Folly of Her Ways

The case of the swimwear designer Leah Madden and her legal battle with Seafolly over allegations of copying serves as a timely reminder that your personal Facebook page is neither personal nor private. Read More

Naked trade mark infringement, and what goes on behind the veil of AdWords

New Zealand has its first judgment on the use of trade marks in Google AdWords. Read More

Protection for major sporting events in NZ & Australia

International sporting events present exciting opportunities for businesses to generate publicity and to benefit from being associated with such events. Read More

China’s New Trade Mark Law Leaps into Action as a Major Change?

China’s adoption of new trade mark law in August 2013 is set to come into effect on 1 May 2014. Read More

Copyright and parody update: Beastie Boys and GoldieBlox get it together

Last December we reported[http://www. baldwins. com/parody-copyright-and-the-beastie-boys/] on the dispute between the Californian toy company GoldieBlox Inc and the surviving members of New York hip hop trio the Beastie Boys. Read More