Contributory infringement – New Zealand strengthens patent owners’ position against suppliers of products having infringing uses

The New Zealand Patents Act 2013 (the Act) strengthens the position of patent owners by introducing new rules relating to “contributory infringement”. Read More

Full Federal Court confirms isolated genes to remain patent eligible in Australia

This month we continue our coverage of the ongoing dispute before the Australian Courts to determine the patent eligibility of isolated human genetic material. Read More

Savvy Vineyards 3552 Limited & Or v Kakara Estate Limited & Or [2014] NZSC 121 – assignment and novation

The Supreme Court recently delivered an important judgment in the area of assignment [1] and novation [2] of contracts. Read More

Plain packaging of tobacco products: a further look here and there

In our last newsletter we discussed plain packaging of tobacco products in New Zealand and Australia.   This month, we take a look at the situation in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Read More

Challenging Patent Applications – To Oppose or Revoke?

New Zealand’s new Patents Act 2013 is now fully in force. Read More

.nz domain names available from 30 September 2014

New Zealand domain names ending in. nz but without a second level, such as. co and. net will be available from 30 September 2014. Read More

Delayed issuance of official notices from the China Trademark Office

Due to serious faults arising from a computer system upgrade, the China Trademark Office (“CTMO”) ceased issuing official notices from April 2014. Read More

Reciprocal IP rights with the UK are a distinct advantage for kiwi designers!

So, you’re a New Zealand fashion designer and you’ve just found out that a store in London is selling a line of dresses that look a lot like the dresses from your collection recently showcased at NZ... Read More

Stricter requirements for New Zealand companies and limited partnerships now in force

New Zealand is acknowledged as being one of the easiest places to start a business as well as one of the most trusted countries in which to do business. Read More


What: MORGO 2014 When: 18-19 September Where: Waitangi, Bay of Islands, NZ. Read More