How to stay ahead of your competitors and build brand value

Keeping an eye on your market, and competitors, can help build brand integrity and value. Read More

Baldwins named best in Patents and Trademarks in New Zealand at the 2014 Acquisition International Legal Awards

Baldwins Intellectual Property, has won both the “Best in Patent Law – New Zealand” and the “Trademark Law Firm of the Year in New Zealand” Awards at the 2014 Acquisition International Legal Awards. Read More

The Nexus between Technology and Privacy

Recently I had the opportunity to meet with Daimhin Warner, Team Leader, Investigations and Dispute Resolution, from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (“OPC”) to discuss New Zealand’s privacy laws in the context of technology and the much... Read More

Employee-Inventor Remuneration

If an employee invents something and their employer is entitled to ownership of that invention, should the inventor be compensated by their employer for the benefit the employer receives from the success of the patented invention? The issue can... Read More

Baldwins’ client turns up the heat: LanzaTech voted hottest company in bioenergy

LanzaTech has been voted No. 1 in the Biofuels Digest 2014-15 “Hottest Companies in Bioenergy” rankings.   The New Zealand-founded company also secured the No. Read More

Toppa takes top spot but Trumpet still Tip Top - successful branding that lasts the distance

While it can difficult to measure brand success, a Facebook campaign to relaunch a product that has not been available for a number of years surely provides a good indicator. Read More

An Overview: New Zealand’s Natural Health and Supplementary Products Bill

The Natural Health and Supplementary Products Bill sets up a new regulatory regime to manage the risks associated with natural products manufactured and imported into New Zealand. Read More

Release of new gTLDs uncorks a wave of criticism

The recent release of a number of new generic top level domain (gTLDs) names by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) including. vin and. Read More

The marvel of intellectual property rights: How Jack Kirby will be remembered for his contributions to the Marvel universe

In early 2013, the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed Warner Bros and DC Comics’ ownership of all Superman intellectual property rights. Read More

'Green coke' pioneer seeking to raise capital on NZ equity crowdfunding platform Snowball Effect

Baldwins’ client CarbonScape is seeking to raise a minimum of $400,000 and up to a maximum of $1. 5 million through the equity crowdfunding platform Snowball Effect. Read More