Delayed issuance of official notices from the China Trademark Office

Due to serious faults arising from a computer system upgrade, the China Trademark Office (“CTMO”) ceased issuing official notices from April 2014. Read More

Reciprocal IP rights with the UK are a distinct advantage for kiwi designers!

So, you’re a New Zealand fashion designer and you’ve just found out that a store in London is selling a line of dresses that look a lot like the dresses from your collection recently showcased at NZ... Read More

Stricter requirements for New Zealand companies and limited partnerships now in force

New Zealand is acknowledged as being one of the easiest places to start a business as well as one of the most trusted countries in which to do business. Read More


What: MORGO 2014 When: 18-19 September Where: Waitangi, Bay of Islands, NZ. Read More

Some rights reserved: Creative Commons and the new era of copyright

Copyright is a relatively old form of intellectual property: a set of rules about how an original work can and cannot be treated. Read More

Where there is smoke there is fire: plain packaging of tobacco products

In 2012, Australia became the first country in the world to legislate for plain packaging of tobacco. Cigarettes, pipe tobacco and cigar products sold in Australia must now be in plain, olive-brown packets. Read More

Marketing Claims: Your Obligations

On 17 June 2014 the Consumer Law Reform Bill brought into effect a number of changes to consumer laws. Read More

New Zealand’s Response to the Global Rise of Corruption and Match-Fixing in Sport (update)

The Crimes (Match-fixing) Amendment Bill has recently passed its first reading in Parliament with unanimous support. Read More

Interim Guidelines for the classification and labelling of Manuka Honey

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has developed an ‘Interim Labelling Guide for Manuka Honey’, in an attempt to provide some direction to an industry suffering from a lack of consensus over the definition of manuka honey and... Read More

TPP, CETA and IP – Can New Zealand Learn from the Canadian Anagram?

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations continue to struggle on with the inclusion of Mexico, Canada and, more recently, Japan, adding further complexity, particularly in relation to agricultural market access. Read More