FIFA 2010 – What Can We Learn From an Ambush Marketing Perspective?

With the wrap up of the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa, Paul the Octopus can go back to his grotto and contemplate his newfound psychic abilities and those of us with an interest in intellectual... Read More

Government maintains its hard line on software patents

Recent rumours that there could be a re-wording of the exclusion of computer programs from patentability have been quashed by Commerce Minister Simon Power. Read More

EU dispute with India and Brazil ups stakes in generics saga

This article was published in the January issue of CiNZ, the professional journal of the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry. Read More

Patenting software in New Zealand – in or out?

As is the case in Australia, New Zealand's patent law is currently being revised, though the New Zealand reforms are much further through the parliamentary system. Read More

Patents back in business, at least in the US

The US Supreme Court has issued its long awaited decision on the patentability of business methods. Read More

New Zealand's Major Events Management Act

With the excitement in New Zealand growing as the Rugby World Cup 2011 and World Rowing Championships 2010 draw near, businesses and individuals are finding themselves grappling with the practicalities of the Major Events Management Act 2007 (“the... Read More

"HEARING CARE" succeeds

The New Zealand High Court recently awarded an interim injunction preventing National Hearing Care (New Zealand) Limited (“National Hearing”) from using a stylised version of “national hearingcare” in certain regions of New Zealand - Hearing Care Manawatu Ltd... Read More

Software to be excluded from Patentability in New Zealand

Progress towards an updated Patents Act in New Zealand took another step forward late last month with the issuing of the Commerce Select Committee's report on the draft Patents Bill (reported recently in MIP). Read More

Registered Designs in New Zealand: Changes allowing restoration and publication

New Zealand has amended the Designs Act 1953 (the Designs Act) to allow: restoration of lapsed registered designs; restoration of lapsed registered design applications; and publication of registered design application details. Read More

Beware the “Patent Marking Troll”

Recent court decisions have identified a previously little used way of making money from the US patent system – suing on behalf of the US government… You may have heard of a “patent troll”, also known in polite... Read More