Facebook update

In June 2009, Facebook announced[sitetree_link id=36561] that it would allow users to use personalised usernames, instead of the randomly assigned letters and numbers that correspond with each user's page. Read More

Designs Act amended: restorations now possible

The Designs Act 1953 (the Designs Act) has been amended by the Design Amendment Act 2010 (the Amendment Act). Read More

.nz domain names with macron to be publicly available

As part of the internationalisation of domain names, the New Zealand Domain Name Commission will accept registrations of. Read More

Company names and their limits

Last year a prominent business writer, when writing about failed finance company Provincial Finance Company Limited, confused that company with another company of the same name, but which had been struck off in 1996. Read More

Personal Liability of Directors for Patent Infringement

A recent decision of the Federal Court of Australia has sent a clear warning to directors of companies that are found to infringe patents - they may be personally liable for damages. Read More

Controversy over gene patents

A controversial decision on the patentability of human genes has been issued in the United States of America, which could have a significant impact on the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Read More

Online keywords and trade mark infringement - developments in Australia and Europe

The New Zealand position on use of another’s trade marks as online keywords remains uncertain.   Whilst local judicial guidance on the issue is limited, it remains a hot issue in the market. Read More

Select Committee reports on new Patents Bill in New Zealand

The Commerce Select Committee has finally made their report and recommendations on the current Patents Bill in New Zealand. Read More

Deadlines in proceedings before the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand

Following the High Court decision in The Muir Electrical Company Pty Limited v The Good Guys Group Limited (CIV-2009-404-4965, High Court Wellington, 18 December 2009, Lang J), the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand has issued new guidelines... Read More

Court of Appeal overturns ban on GE applications

The Court of Appeal yesterday overturned a High Court decision banning the Environmental Risk Management Agency (ERMA) from considering 4 applications made last year by AgResearch Limited. Read More