Baldwins’ history is a story of the birth and growth of the patent attorney profession in New Zealand and dates back to the days when New Zealand was still a British colony.

In 1886 Ernest Smith Baldwin emigrated from England to  New Zealand as an engineer. He qualified as a patent attorney and together with his brother-in-law, W. Ernest Hughes, and Henry Hampton Rayward formed a new partnership under the name Hughes, Rayward and Baldwin in 1896.

After the death of Hughes, Baldwin was able to chart his own future as a patent agent and patent attorney and grew the firm with great success for over 40 years. Others have followed.

Ernest Carey joined Baldwins’ Auckland office in 1919. In 1927 they were joined by Ernest Baldwin’s youngest son Jasper and took the name Baldwin Son & Carey.

The firm successfully continued to practise throughout the depression and the Second World War and to expand and prosper in the post-war boom years under Jasper Baldwin and Ernest Carey.

New partners Sydney (Syd) Hewison and Jonathan Ellis joined the firm in 1967. In 1976 Syd Hewison became senior partner on the death of Jasper Baldwin. The firm continued to expand under a dynamic partnership to become, by its centenary in 1997, one of New Zealand’s leading intellectual property firms.

The firm of Baldwin Son & Carey is Ernest Smith Baldwin’s proud legacy and  today remains one of the pre-eminent intellectual property firms in Australasia.

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