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Our in-house team of Chinese IP specialists assists New Zealand exporters to develop robust intellectual property protection when moving into the Chinese market. Doing business into and out of China can be challenging, but working with our China Desk team will put your intellectual property concerns at ease. 


One team for the specialist expertise you need

Our China Desk service is dedicated to protecting, developing, commercialising and enforcing intellectual property assets for the Chinese market. This encompasses New Zealand companies interested in doing business in China, and Chinese companies looking to protect their intellectual property in New Zealand and Australia. The team includes New Zealand and Chinese nationals, with in-depth knowledge and broad experience in IP protection. They provide co-ordinated expertise and support across a wide range of proceedings in China, New Zealand and Australia.


Chinese qualifications and experience

As Chinese nationals, members of our China Desk team have previously worked in leading law firms in China. They have a strong understanding of the Chinese intellectual property system, Chinese culture and doing business in China. Solanda Chen, for example, is a qualified Chinese trademark attorney and has worked in mainland China. Her knowledge of Chinese intellectual property procedures is an invaluable resource that can be tapped by our clients. 

我们中国业务部的中国律师拥有中国知名律所的工作经验,他们对中国的知识产权法规,中国文化,以及经商策略都有深刻的理解。例如,Solanda Chen陈旭华是一位经验丰富的中国商标代理人,曾在中国大陆和香港领先律师事务所工作,她对中国知识产权法律程序的了解是值得客户信赖的宝贵资源。

A full range of intellectual property services

We can offer a complete spectrum of services in both Australasia and China, including:

  • patents
  • trade marks
  • designs
  • copyright
  • plant variety rights
  • domain names
  • marketing and consumer law
  • border protection
  • confidential information and trade secrets
  • intellectual property due diligence and audits
  • litigation and dispute resolution
  • commercial contracts and agreements.


  • 专利
  • 商标
  • 外观设计
  • 著作权
  • 植物品种权
  • 域名保护
  • 市场和消费者法
  • 出入境保护
  • 机密信息和商业秘密
  • 知识产权尽职调查和审计
  • 诉讼和争议解决

Trusted relationships with IP law firms in China

Over our 120-year history we have established close working relationships with many leading specialist intellectual property law firms in China. They in turn, rely on us for expert assistance in New Zealand and Australia.

Working with our China Desk team in New Zealand will provide you with high quality, cost-effective legal services to help you reach your business goals in China. To get started, please contact one of our team today.


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China Desk Team

  • Penny Catley

  • phone
  • phonelink_ring+64 21 660 645
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  • Solanda Chen 陈旭华
    Trade Mark Consultant (China Desk), Auckland

  • phone +64 9 359 7730
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  • Bojun Zhou 周博俊
    Associate, Wellington

  • phone +64 4 472 1094
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