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19 Jun 2018

Why register copyright when protecting your brand in China?

Copyright registration can provide a simple and relatively low cost means for warding off trademark squatters. As always, early action is required because it is most useful if the registration predates the date of filing of the squatter’s trademark application. If not, other evidence will generally also be required to block the squatter’s trademark application. Requirements... Read more

15 Jun 2018

Copyright protection in China

Copyright provides the exclusive right to use and distribute an original work. As the name suggests, it prevents against copying, it cannot be used against someone that independently creates the same work. Copyright protects the tangible expression of an idea but not the idea itself.  In New Zealand, copyright arises automatically upon creation of an original work and there... Read more

31 May 2018

2018 KiwiNet Awards finalists announced

Baldwins are proud to partner with KiwiNet to bring the KiwiNet Awards to life once again in 2018. Twelve stunning finalists have been selected for the sixth annual KiwiNet Research Commercialisation Awards, designed to celebrate impact from science through successful research commercialisation within New Zealand’s universities and Crown Research Institutes. The innovative researchers and cutting edge research commercialisation projects... Read more

30 May 2018

Protecting your IP in China - Your Options

The rise of intellectual property in China is at unprecedented levels. In 2017, IP filings in China soared with patent applications exceeding the combined total applications received by the US, Japan, the Republic of Korea and the European Patent Office. China’s perception of IP is changing. Only a decade ago, protecting and enforcing IP in China was fraught with... Read more

23 May 2018

Where in the WORLD? Fashion label’s “Made in New Zealand” claims questioned

As has been widely reported, New Zealand fashion label WORLD is in a spot of bother regarding it claims that its garments are FABRIQUE EN NOUVELLE ZELANDE (that is, “Made in New Zealand”). This article discusses the Fair Trading Act in New Zealand, and what this means for WORLD and other traders when promoting a products origin. New... Read more

22 May 2018

The rise of intellectual property (IP) in China

China has once again become a major world economic force to be reckoned with after playing an unprecedented game of economic catch-up since 1978. Its booming ecommerce market and a shift from primary products and manufacturing to more of a consumer economy, presents huge opportunities for Kiwi retailers looking to expand into the region in the future. In recent years the ... Read more

17 May 2018

Intermittent Email Issue

Since 12PM Tuesday May 15 (NZ time), Baldwins has experienced an intermittent issue with receiving email, however we believe that the issue has now been resolved. If you are have received an NDR (Non-Delivery Receipt) email from us, or you have not had a response to an email sent to us during this timeframe, then we ask that you please resend... Read more

17 May 2018

Entries for AmCham DHL Express Success & Innovation Awards 2018 now open

Baldwins is a proud sponsor of the 2018 American Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand – DHL Express Success & Innovation Awards. The Awards celebrate business achievement between New Zealand and the United States. Calling all Importers, Exporters, Investors, Tourism promoters, Bilateral Connectors, Entrepreneurs/Innovators with the USA - benchmark your business against others and see if you can take out... Read more

15 May 2018

A question of support

This article discusses two patent decisions in New Zealand which consider the application of the Patent Act 2013’s requirement that the claim or claims of a patent be “supported by the matter disclosed in the complete specification”.[1] “Supported by” is a change from the “fair basis” wording of the previous Patents Act 1953. ... Read more

09 May 2018

Firming up the support requirement

A recent decision[1] by the Assistant Commissioner of Patents will be welcomed by those filing and prosecuting patent applications in New Zealand. This article discusses the decision which clarifies how the regulations relating to pre-acceptance amendments to a specification should be applied. The patent application at issue in this hearing was essentially in order for acceptance.  The remaining... Read more
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