What information is needed to file a patent application?

Before coming in to speak with us, it is helpful if you spend some time preparing one or more of the following: A description of your invention and if applicable, some drawings or a flow chart that convey how it works. It is also helpful if you know what has been done before in the area, for example what is common practice in the industry. A quick search for relevant patents on the internet can help with this. You should also consider the problems with any existing products or solutions in the market place and consider how and why your invention solves those problems.  If you are aware of any equivalents to features or components of your invention you should note these down. 

If there is more that one person that has contributed to the invention it is helpful to have each person's details and an explanation of the contribution they made.  It is also important to let us know whether individuals were employed or contracted to help and whether they were contracted personally or through another company.  That way each inventor can be correctly acknowledged in the application and have the invention and rights in the invention assigned correctly. 

If you would like further information, you can arrange a no obligation consultation with one of our patent specialists today.

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