Baldwins’ 2015 chemistry prize winner(s) recognised

Monday 25th January 2016

For the last 13 years, Baldwins has been involved in the ‘Issues in Drug Design and Development’ (CHEM 392) course at The University of Auckland. Each year Baldwins award a $500 prize for the top achiever in the paper.

CHEM392 covers intellectual property and patent law in the pharmaceutical industry, an overview of the legal and regulatory framework for drug design and development, along with the clinical trials process, codes of practice, health and safety issues and case studies. Baldwins have provided lecturers each year to cover the intellectual property component of this paper. The Baldwins lecturers in 2015 were Paul Johns (Head of Dispute Resolution), Rachel McDonald (Senior Associate) and Katherine Hebditch (Associate). 

Baldwins award a $500 prize for the top achiever in Issues in Drug Design and Development (CHEM 392) paper. This prize rewards excellence in this field and aims to promote intellectual property and encourage graduates to consider future employment in this area.

The Baldwins’ prize in 2015 was jointly shared between Elliot Pike and Philippa Trevalla.  The prize was awarded at the end of year celebration held at the Department of Chemistry on 10 December 2015 which Katherine Hebditch and Emma Crowley (HR Executive) attended.


Above: Associate Professor Brent Copp, Dr Viji Sarojini (Senior Lecturer), Katherine Hebditch (Baldwins) and Elliot Pike.


Above: Dr Katherine Hebditch awards the Baldwins' prize to Elliot Pike.

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