Baldwins Law and IT Prize Awarded

Monday 10th August 2015

Baldwins Awards Law & IT Prize Winner for 2015

For fourteen years Baldwins has awarded a $500 prize to the top achiever in the Law and Information Technology paper at the University of Auckland.

This prize rewards excellence for an understanding in the impact of, and the way in which the law deals with, new information technologies. This is pertinent to the area of intellectual property, which deals with innovation protection and strategic development – a property common to the industry of information technologies.

The main purpose of the award is to promote the industry of intellectual property as a potential career path for law students. The winner of the prize this year is Jennie Vickers. Jennie is a practising lawyer who completed the Law and IT paper in 2014 as a way of benefiting her CPD requirements.  The prize was awarded at a private awards ceremony on 23 July at the firm; this was attended by Jennie, her husband, Partners and employees of the firm, and Judge David Harvey who lectures the paper. 

“I am delighted to be the recipient of this prize. The support of future thinkers like Baldwins, for excellence in study, is critical to ensuring New Zealand keeps encouraging rigorous and critical thinking alongside deep knowledge of tech and the digital landscape. This paper taught me not only the hot off the press legal position of technology but also the technological basis to the law. Judge Harvey's multi-dimensional knowledge of IT law and the technology/digital platform makes this a unique course. I took this course as a practitioner looking for CLE that delivered intellectual and practical value and would highly recommend that other practitioners look at University study, even at undergrad level, to satisfy both the professional requirements but also an intellectual need to keep learning.” – Jennie Vickers

Congratulations Jennie!

L to R: Adelaide Dunn, Paul Johns (Head of Dispute Resolution), Jennie Vickers and Tim Jackson (Partner)

Baldwins’ relationship with prizewinners doesn’t just stop with the awarding of the prize.  Our 2014 winner, Adelaide Dunn has been working with the firm over the last six months before departing to NYU to complete her Masters of Law in Competition, Innovation and Information Law. 

While Adelaide was at Baldwins, she was asked to present a seminar in Auckland and Wellington for the Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand.  The seminar entitled “Art, Authorship and Integrity: Moral Rights in Practice” included a discussion on the impact of information technology on creative practices and the applicability of moral rights.

Adelaide enjoyed working on some challenging copyright disputes in our Dispute Resolution and Commercial team while at Baldwins. We look forward to following Adelaide’s progress over the next year.

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