Brussels Court of Appeal orders release of .eu domain names registered by cybersquatter

Wednesday 19th October 2011

The Brussels Court of Appeal has ruled in favour of EURid, the .eu European domain name registry, in a case involving the registration of nearly 9000 .eu domain names by a cybersquatter.

Pursuant to an order made by the Court the domain names will be released on 24 and 25 October 2011 and will be available on a “first come, first served” basis.

A Ms Zheng had registered the domain names during 2006 and was found by the Court to have done so in bad faith. EURid had issued proceedings to terminate the registrations on the grounds that they were in breach of the .eu domain name registration regulations.

The Court of Appeal issued its decision on 21 September 2011 allowing the terminations. The domain names are currently being held in quarantine by EURid for 40 days prior to their release in accordance with the registry’s usual practices.

A list of the domain names to be released is available on the registry’s website at

Backorders can be placed for .eu domain names. A backorder attempts to gain priority over a domain name which is becoming available and is recommended should you have an interest in any of the revoked domain names. There is however no guarantee that such a backorder will be successful.

.eu domain names are available for registration for organisations, businesses or individuals based in the European Union. For further information please contact us.

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