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21 Jan 2020

Chinese trade mark pirate ‘caught in the act’ on wine brands

A Chinese trade mark pirate appears to have been caught in the act of applying for trade mark registration of a huge number of New Zealand wine brands. The pirate applied to protect hundreds of trade marks covering wines and other beverages. Read more
Chinese trade mark pirate ‘caught in the act’ on wine brands

26 Aug 2019

Shining the Spotlight on Trade Marks in China

For some Kiwi businesses, exporting to China and beyond presents huge opportunities for growth. China is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and has a high regard for New Zealand goods and services. However, exporting to China can add layers of complexity and comes with additional risk if you don’t protect your business properly. If... Read more
Shining the Spotlight on Trade Marks in China

06 Dec 2018

Update: China’s New E-Commerce Law

In June 2018, China’s internet userbase surpassed the 800 million mark,[1] making it the world’s biggest internet userbase holder and e-commerce market potential in the world. The People’s Republic of China is committed to a stronger intellectual property and consumer protection regime in the e-commerce space, as shown in the passing of the “E-Commerce Law... Read more

26 Jul 2018

Protecting trade secrets in China

What is a trade secret in China? A trade secret is defined in Chinese Anti-Unfair Competition Law as: “technology information or business operation information which is unknown to the public, has commercial value and towards which the obligee has taken measures to keep secret.” There are three requirements for information to qualify as a trade... Read more

15 Jun 2018

Copyright protection in China

Copyright provides the exclusive right to use and distribute an original work. As the name suggests, it prevents against copying, it cannot be used against someone that independently creates the same work. Copyright protects the tangible expression of an idea but not the idea itself.  In New Zealand, copyright arises automatically upon creation of an original work and there... Read more

30 May 2018

Protecting your IP in China - Your Options

The rise of intellectual property in China is at unprecedented levels. In 2017, IP filings in China soared with patent applications exceeding the combined total applications received by the US, Japan, the Republic of Korea and the European Patent Office. China’s perception of IP is changing. Only a decade ago, protecting and enforcing IP in China was fraught with... Read more

22 May 2018

The rise of intellectual property (IP) in China

China has once again become a major world economic force to be reckoned with after playing an unprecedented game of economic catch-up since 1978. Its booming ecommerce market and a shift from primary products and manufacturing to more of a consumer economy, presents huge opportunities for Kiwi retailers looking to expand into the region in the future. In recent years the ... Read more