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16 Mar 2016

Spam Scams: beware of unsolicited IP services being offered to IP holders

There has recently been an increase in the number of unsolicited or fraudulent letters or emails purporting to offer services such as IP protection, promotion, advertising, or renewal of registered IP rights and domain names.  Many scam letters/emails look official.  However, these unsolicited letters are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Intellectual Property Office of New... Read more

08 Oct 2015

The TPP changes the IP landscape in New Zealand

The New Zealand government has today released a factsheet outlining the changes that will need to be made to New Zealand's IP legislation following the TPP negotiations. In brief: 1. New Zealand will be required to extend the copyright term to 70 years. The extension applies to works that are... Read more

18 Sep 2015

New Zealand Punching Above its Weight in Global Innovation Index 2015

New Zealand’s Global Innovation Index Rankings in a Nutshell: 15th overall in the innovation index – up three places from 18th in 2014 1st in the world for ease of starting a business and protecting investors 1st in the South East Asia and Oceania region for intangible assets (including trademark applications)   Innovation inputs and outputs The Global Innovation... Read more

04 Sep 2014

Reciprocal IP rights with the UK are a distinct advantage for kiwi designers!

So, you’re a New Zealand fashion designer and you’ve just found out that a store in London is selling a line of dresses that look a lot like the dresses from your collection recently showcased at NZ Fashion Week.  Can you do anything to stop the copycat dresses from being sold in the UK? ... Read more

10 Jul 2013

Complacency Not an Option

Beware! If you are in the business of leasing personal property or providing goods on a retention of title basis under franchise agreements, manufacture and distribution agreements or otherwise – complacency regarding the effect of the New Zealand and Australian security interest regimes is not an option. While not an unexpected result, the decision in the Australian case of Richard... Read more

02 Jul 2013

Identifying and benefitting from your intellectual property

Introduction Many businesses focus on their physical assets when recording the monetary value of their assets, concentrating on fixed assets such as plant and equipment, and current assets such as inventory.  They are less interested in their “intangible” assets, such as intellectual property and know-how, which give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  This is... Read more

02 Jul 2013

Beware of bogus requests for fees

One of necessary evils associated with obtaining a registered intellectual property right is the need to pay regular “maintenance” or “renewal” fees to the relevant intellectual property office.  These fees help to fund the running of the office, and also serve to clear the register of unwanted or redundant IP rights by requiring the IP... Read more

25 Apr 2013

Inventions that are just…well…cool

Time Magazine’s article detailing the list of cool inventions for 2012 quite rightly points out that we appear to live in an age where the ‘perfector’ is king.  These are the people that have the necessary consumer focus and drive to take the raw idea of a mouse trap and turn it into a mouse trap... Read more

24 Apr 2013

IP issues for the next generation

Intellectual Property refers to creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce.[1] This Friday 26th April 2013 we celebrate World Intellectual Property day and reflect on what the future creative landscape of Aotearoa will look like. What will be the big IP issues of the future? Indigenous Intellectual Property rights Arguably... Read more

22 Apr 2013

Innovation, piracy and change in digital media

In the late 1990s, several technological advancements changed the face of digital media forever.  At the forefront of these was the advent of MP3: a means of compression for high-quality music.  Still using this technology, consumers are able to store and share entire digital libraries at a fraction of the time, and using a fraction of the storage... Read more