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15 Apr 2013

An intro to your IP rights in China!

Clients have previously asked whether it is worth protecting their Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in China given its reputation and perceived lack of regard for Intellectual Property Laws. The short answer is Yes-definitely consider protecting your IPR in China.  Since joining the WTO in 2001, China has improved its Intellectual Property Laws to comply with the WTO and Trade Related... Read more

15 Apr 2013

Hot Demand for Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual capital is crucial in gaining a competitive edge in the local and international marketplaces. From the individual inventor to the multi-national company, technological advancement and globalisation present unparalleled opportunities to maximise intangible assets. Last year, the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand reported the highest number of national trade mark filings since 2009. The burgeoning demand for protected and enduring... Read more

13 Mar 2013

Registered Designs – A Hidden Danger

Registered designs offer protection for the appearance of a product, or part of a product.  The registered design system in most countries is less complex than the patent system, and this often leads to a view that registered designs are easier or simpler to obtain.  However, whilst the application process is usually less involved than the patent system,... Read more

15 Nov 2012

Appearances can be Deceptive – An Update on the Scope of Registered Designs

Registered designs can provide a cost effective way of creating exclusivity for your products, particularly where aesthetics are important.  They can be especially useful in preventing knock-offs.  Below we discuss some important decisions that consider infringement of the right. Dyson Limited obtained UK registered design protection for one of its cylinder vacuum cleaners, the DC02.  Its competitor,... Read more

01 Feb 2012

Australian Personal Property Securities Register

The Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth)  (PPSA) introduces in Australia a national law that will affect secured financing transactions involving personal property, including most forms of intellectual property (IP).  Anyone who is selling, purchasing or licensing IP assets in Australia or is involved in financing transactions where IP is a security should, ... Read more

06 Apr 2011


As of 19 April 2011, important changes to New Zealand’s design law came into effect due to the Designs Amendment Act 2010 And its associated Designs Amendment Regulations 2011 - Read more

01 Jun 2010

Registered Designs in New Zealand: Changes allowing restoration and publication

New Zealand has amended the Designs Act 1953 (the Designs Act) to allow: restoration of lapsed registered designs; restoration of lapsed registered design applications; and publication of registered design application details. The amendment gives the Commissioner of Designs the discretion to restore; the lapse must have been unintentional by the owner and the application for restoration made without undue delay. ... Read more

17 Jan 2009

Design applications with single views allowed

A recently published assistant commissioner’s decision has confirmed that a registered design in New Zealand may include only a single view, or minimal views, of the article to which the design is to be applied. The decision considered five design applications, nos 405512, 406613, 406401, 406343 and 4077794 all in the name of Merz & Krell GmbH & Co KGaA. The applications related... Read more

18 Dec 2008

Australia - New Zealand: copyright/design overlap

Historically, Australia and New Zealand have taken a similar approach to intellectual property rights and their protection.  The New Zealand government in particular has expressed a desire that the intellectual property laws of the two countries are in line with each other.  The Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand and IP Australia are working together to harmonise practices. ... Read more

30 Apr 2008

Design law change cuts costs for exporters with designs on Europe

Important changes to design law in Europe means exporters of innovative products have greater access to a powerful weapon in the intellectual property arsenal. Exporters must often deal with the problem of cheap copycat products. One option for preventing rip-offs is to register a design for products where visual appearance is an important factor. Until now, the cost of covering... Read more