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13 Feb 2017

Australia’s draft intellectual property legislation proposes changes to the Australian IP system

Late last year the Intellectual Property Office of Australia released an Exposure Draft of the Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill 2017 and the Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Regulations 2017.The stated purpose of the draft Bill is to improve the administration of the Australian IP system by simplifying and streamlining laws and procedures relating to Australian intellectual property rights. Below we discuss... Read more

31 Aug 2016

IP Australia confirms patent and trade mark fee changes

IP Australia has confirmed changes to its official administration fees for patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder's rights with the signing of the Intellectual Property Legislation Amendment (Fee review) Regulation 2016 on 17 August 2016. The new fees will take effect from 10 October 2016.  Some notable changes include the lower up-front cost for trade mark registration... Read more

16 Mar 2016

Spam Scams: beware of unsolicited IP services being offered to IP holders

There has recently been an increase in the number of unsolicited or fraudulent letters or emails purporting to offer services such as IP protection, promotion, advertising, or renewal of registered IP rights and domain names.  Many scam letters/emails look official.  However, these unsolicited letters are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Intellectual Property Office of New... Read more

21 Oct 2015

Terribly sorry, Sir Walter…your plant variety denomination can’t be a trade mark too

A recent decision of the Federal Court of Australia highlights why you should select a denomination for your plant variety right that is different from the name used to market the variety. A Plant Variety Right (PVR, in New Zealand) or Plant Breeder’s Right (PBR, the Australian equivalent) provides the owner with the exclusive commercial rights for... Read more
Terribly sorry, Sir Walter…your plant variety denomination can’t be a trade mark too

08 Oct 2015

The TPP changes the IP landscape in New Zealand

The New Zealand government has today released a factsheet outlining the changes that will need to be made to New Zealand's IP legislation following the TPP negotiations. In brief: 1. New Zealand will be required to extend the copyright term to 70 years. The extension applies to works that are... Read more

13 Aug 2015

New bill extends data protection for agricultural compounds and veterinary medicines

A new bill introduced by the New Zealand Government seeks to extend and broaden exclusivity periods for confidential data relating to agricultural and veterinary compounds.  The Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Amendment Bill, introduced to the New Zealand Parliament on 11 August 2015, relates to data which must be provided to the government as part of an application to approve the... Read more

30 Sep 2009

Plant material of protected varieties to be made available upon request

The Plant Variety Rights (PVR) Office reminded holders of granted PVRs that the holder is under an obligation to provide plant material of protected varieties to the PVR Office upon request for testing of other varieties.  Section 16 of the PVR Act provides for the possible cancellation of a grant of a PVR if representative plants of a protected variety... Read more