Flexible roll over protection? Award winning!

Wednesday 11th July 2012
Article written by: Duncan Schaut

What happens when a quad bike rolls over? If they are fitted with the typical rigid roll bar they eventually come to a rest.   But what damage do riders suffer when they are pinned between the rigid roll bar and the ground, and what damage is done to the bike?

Inventor Vernon Suckling of Ag-Tech Industries Limited has the solution - the Lifeguard™ flexible roll over bar.  The Lifeguard™ flexible roll over bar recently won the Golden Standard Innovation award at the annual Fieldays at Mystery Creek in Hamilton.   The Fieldays are the largest agricultural event in the Southern Hemisphere and New Zealand’s premiere agricultural show.  

Lifeguard™flexible roll over bar - Award winning? Absolutely. Life saving? Definitely.

Many people are hurt or killed by roll over accidents on quad bikes.  Where they survive the roll itself they may then be subsequently injured or unable to free themselves because they are pinned between the rigid roll bar and the ground with a large amount of weight from the quad bike holding them there.

The Lifeguard™ flexible roll over bar deflects on hitting the ground and arrests the roll.  More importantly it flexes around any user that is pinned underneath it and allows them to easily escape.

The patent pending technology has broader applications in the agriculture industry where protection of people and equipment is desirable.
Importantly,  the Lifeguard™ flexible roll over bar springs back to its original shape when the quad is rolled upright again or the load is otherwise removed.  Traditional rigid roll bars may need replacement and can damage the bike at their mounting points.

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