InternetNZ approves .kiwi second level domain

Tuesday 4th September 2012

InternetNZ has approved the creation of the .kiwi second level domain in the .nz domain name space. This expands the range of domains available to register by allowing the registration of domains such as

The application for the creation of was received in April 2012. Following a public consultation process, the Domain Name Commission recommended to InternetNZ that the .kiwi second level domain be created.

Authorised registrars will be able to take registrations from 11 September 2012. However, as part of the policy in introducing a new .nz second level domain, a threshold of registrations must be received before the domain is made active. The threshold set for to be established is 500 registrations in the first month. If 500 applications for are not received, will not be made active.

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This article was written with assistance from Shiv Narayan

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