IP Australia introduces TM CHECK

Tuesday 13th September 2011

Not all business names are created equal. Your trade mark can be your business name, but your business name may not be available as your trade mark. Business names are not automatically trade marks, and may in fact already belong to someone else.

To help avoid the costly, time consuming trap of choosing a business name and then discovering you aren’t able to own the rights to use that name, IP Australia have developed TM CHECK.

TM CHECK is a simplified search for trade marks that have been applied for or registered with IP Australia. It is intended to provide the user with an indication only of what is registered but will return a maximum of 10 results.

Click here to access TM CHECK.

There is currently no equivalent provided through the New Zealand Companies Office.

If you have concerns that your business name is similar to another’s trade mark, or would like advice as to how to register your business name as a trade mark, please contact us.

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