.nz domain names available from 30 September 2014

Wednesday 17th September 2014

New Zealand domain names ending in .nz but without a second level, such as .co and .net will be available from 30 September 2014.  

Those who have existing second level domain names will have first call (referred to as Preferential Registration Eligibility or PRE status) on the new domain names, provided they registered their existing second level domain names before 30 May 2012, or they registered their existing name during the period from 30 May 2012 to 11 February 2014 and there are no other conflicting domain names. That means, for example, that  ABC Limited will  have first rights to acquire ABC.nz as it owns ABC.co.nz.  and there are no ABC.net.nz or ABC.org.nz domain name registrations.  Anyone relying on PRR status to purchase the  domain name has until 30 March 2015 to do so.  The new .nz domain does not affect the existence or operation of any existing second level TLD domain names.  These continue unless not renewed by the owners.

Those with PRR status can pay a small fee to reserve the name, instead of acquiring it.   The reservation period lasts for two years until 30 September 2016.

If there are any conflicts, the Domain Name Commission will resolve them.  Anyone with an existing second level domain name should go to the anyname.co.nz website from 30 September (with their UDAI) to check their position, or request assistance from us. 

Owning a registered New Zealand trade mark or having a company registered in New Zealand under a particular name does not automatically entitle that owner to acquire the .nz domain names when they are released, but it is possible to use the Domain Name Commission’s Dispute Resolution service to resolve a dispute with another party over a disputed domain name. 

If you have any further  questions please contact us.

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