Paper: Triflate anion and ligand influences in silver(I) coordination polymers of four isomeric dipy

Thursday 28th February 2013


The synthesis and X-ray characterisation of four isomeric dipyridyl ketone oxime ligands, 4,4′-dipyridyl ketone oxime, L44, 3,3′-dipyridyl ketone oxime, L33, 2,4-dipyridyl ketone oxime, L24 and 2,3-dipyridyl ketone oxime, L23 is described. X-ray structural characterisation of the precursor ketones 3,3′-dipyridyl ketone, L1, and 2,4-dipyridyl ketone, L2, is also reported for comparison. Four AgCF3SO3 complexes of the dipyridyl ketone oxime ligands were prepared and structurally characterised, [Ag(L44)2](CF3SO3), 1, {[AgL33](CF3SO3)}∞, 2, [AgL24(CF3SO3)]∞, 3, and [Ag2L23(CF3SO3)2]∞, 4. The structural role of the CF3SO3− anion in the formation of Ag(I) coordination polymer networks, together with the effect of the varying pyridyl substitution patterns of L44, L33, L24 and L23 was investigated. In 1 the CF3SO3− anion was unbound and disordered. It was encapsulated in the channels of a honeycomb 3D H-bonded structure. In 2 the CF3SO3− anion remained unbound, being encapsulated within the centre of a helical polymer chain. In 3 the CF3SO3− anion was weakly bound to the Ag(I) ion and as such decorated the side of a bowed 1-D chain. The two different CF3SO3− anions in 4 adopted a range of binding modes from monodentate, bis-monodentate to tris-monodentate with the Ag(I) ions and gave rise to the formation of an unusual CF3SO3− bridged 2-D network.

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Victoria J. Argyle, Laura M. Woods, Marina Roxburgh, Lyall R. Hanton; Triflate anion and ligand influences in silver(I) coordination polymers of four isomeric dipyridyl ketone oximes, Crystal Engineering Communications (2013), 15, 120-134


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(CrystEngComm, 2013,15, 120-134)
DOI: 10.1039/C2CE26449H
Received 07 Sep 2012, Accepted 12 Oct 2012

First published on the web 15 Oct 2012

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