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Thursday 12th May 2011

The government has finally announced the clean zones, clean transport routes and the clean periods which apply to areas around the grounds in which Rugby World Cup games will be played. 

Clean zones are the grounds where the games are being played, the surrounding areas and any other area necessary to allow the major event activity to happen. Clean transport routes are motorways, state highways or train lines (or areas beside them) which are 5 km or less from the clean zone and likely to be used by those travelling to and and from the clean zones. 

Clean zones and clean transport routes are operational during a declared “clean period” only. The roads around Eden Park are clean transport routes for much of the Rugby World Cup period. Other clean periods are much shorter and apply for only a few days around each of the zones where games are being played and their relevant transport routes. 

Various restrictions apply to the clean zones and the clean transport routes during the clean period. Only street trading (selling, hawking, or giving away goods and services) or advertising which has the authorisation of the major event organiser is allowed within the clean zone.

Further, any unauthorised advertising which is clearly visible from within the clean zone (including aerial advertising) is prohibited. Advertising is also prohibited within the clean transport route unless authorised by RWC 2011.

There are some limited exceptions such as those relating to personal clothing and the like genuinely worn by members of the public (where these are not being used to advertise at the major event) and advertising on transport vehicles carrying out their normal business. It is also permitted to have advertising on newspapers or magazines or televisions, radios or electronic devices where these are being used in a personal capacity and not for the purpose of intrusion advertising.

Penalties for a breach of these provisions carry penalties of up to $150,000.

A link to the gazette is attached.

Written with assistance from Chloe Barker.

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