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26 Jul 2018

Protecting trade secrets in China

What is a trade secret in China? A trade secret is defined in Chinese Anti-Unfair Competition Law as: “technology information or business operation information which is unknown to the public, has commercial value and towards which the obligee has taken measures to keep secret.” There are three requirements for information to qualify as a trade... Read more

19 Jun 2018

Why register copyright when protecting your brand in China?

Copyright registration can provide a simple and relatively low cost means for warding off trademark squatters. As always, early action is required because it is most useful if the registration predates the date of filing of the squatter’s trademark application. If not, other evidence will generally also be required to block the squatter’s trademark application. Requirements... Read more

22 May 2018

The rise of intellectual property (IP) in China

China has once again become a major world economic force to be reckoned with after playing an unprecedented game of economic catch-up since 1978. Its booming ecommerce market and a shift from primary products and manufacturing to more of a consumer economy, presents huge opportunities for Kiwi retailers looking to expand into the region in the future. In recent years the ... Read more

03 May 2018

Are You Ready? New Trade Mark Requirements in the Wine Equivalent Tax (WET) Rebate Regime

If you export to Australia and the Wine Equalisation Tax (WET) rebate is important to you or your business, you should be investing in an Australian trade mark registration now.  This article provides a quick summary of why NZ wine exporters should consider trade mark protection in Australia. Changes have been made to the WET legislation in Australia... Read more

27 Mar 2018

Significant progress for protection of trade marks post-BREXIT

Owners of European (EU) trade marks will continue to have their rights protected in the United Kingdom (UK) following Brexit. The UK and EU Commission published last week the details of a draft agreement outlining the continued protection of trade mark rights following the UK’s departure from the EU. The agreement effectively provides for the creation of identical... Read more

09 Feb 2018

Baldwins trademark leaders recognised among world’s best in 2018

Baldwins Intellectual Property has again been named as a recommended firm in the World's Leading Trademark Professionals 2018.  In addition, partners Sue Ironside, Penny Catley and Angela Searle all  received individual recognition in this year's edition. Published in January each year, the World Trademark Review's WTR 1000 guide serves as the definitive tool... Read more

15 Nov 2017

What does the renegotiated TPPA mean for intellectual property laws in New Zealand?

Following the withdrawal of the USA from the TPP agreement in January of this year, negotiations are continuing in Vietnam between the remaining 11 TPP member nations. Media reports suggest that an agreement in principle has been reached involving the suspension of about 20 terms in the original TPP text, many relating to intellectual property. The agreement is also to be renamed... Read more

09 Nov 2017

A well ‘crafted’ brand: growth in craft beer industry sees increase in trade mark registrations

As the growth of the craft beer industry continues it is becoming harder to conceive an attractive brand which is distinctive from those of competitors.  Growth in beer trade marks may lead to increased brand disputes and the benefits of legally protecting a brand are becoming more obvious. This article was origianlly published in The Pursuit of Hoppiness Magazine ... Read more

07 Sep 2017

Intellectual property rights and the sharing economy

The "sharing economy" is a phrase we are hearing more and more frequently in recent times. This article explains what the phrase means and in particular what it means for intellectual property rights holders.   This article originally appeared in LawNews, Issue 29. LawNews is the weekly publication of the Auckland District Law Society.  In recent... Read more

20 Jul 2017

Intellectual property – where do I start?!

For many businesses (particularly start-ups and SMEs) the upfront cost of obtaining registered intellectual property (IP) rights can be daunting.  However, securing such rights, whether it be a trade mark, patent or design registration, can be hugely valuable.  Registered IP rights secure you a certain monopoly over your competitors, give you more robust legal weapons to enforce your... Read more
Intellectual property – where do I start?!