Bojun Zhou 周博俊

Bojun Zhou 周博俊

Associate | Wellington
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Bojun is proficient in assisting clients with obtaining patent protection in New Zealand, China and around the world.

Bojun specialises in the area of patents, primarily drafting and prosecuting applications. He is experienced in a range of technical fields including telecommunication and information systems, electronic circuits, computer software, and mechanical engineering. The combination of his IP, technical, and legal skills is highly valued by his clients.

Bojun is fluent in English, French and Chinese and has spent more than ten years in first-tier IP firms in Beijing with seven years working for CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office. In 2016, he completed a course of European IP protection held by a well-known German firm and since then has worked closely with large US and European corporate clients. Before joining the IP industry, he gained useful real-world knowledge designing network security products as a technical engineer.

Bojun is passionate about helping creative people and businesses and is highly self-motivated. This motivation helped him and his family to start a new life in New Zealand in 2019. Outside of work, Bojun is interested in film, travel and good food.



Bojun 能流利使用英语、法语和中文开展工作,并且在北京顶级的知识产权事务所工作十年以上,其中在CCPIT专利商标事务所工作七年。在2016年他完成了由德国著名事务所举办的欧洲知识产权保护课程并且之后与大型美国和欧洲企业客户保持密切合作。在加入知识产权行业前,作为技术工程师,他在设计网络安全产品方面积累了实际有益的知识。


F: +64 4 473 6712


  • Patent prosecution
  • Patent drafting
  • Patent searching
  • Patent reexamination
  • Patent invalidation


  • Registered Patent Attorney (China)
  • Qualified Lawyer (China)
  • 2005 Masters of Electromagnetic field and Microwave Technology, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China