Kylee Dale

Kylee Dale

Human Resources Manager | Auckland

Kylee works collaboratively alongside leaders within the business, blending HR practice and commercial acumen to create a culture that is inclusive and enables people to contribute to the best of their abilities.

Kylee has more than 15 years’ experience in HR across diverse sectors, including professional services (law, engineering and project management), building services and manufacturing.

She enjoys helping teams to align their goals and activities with the business strategy, improving organisation communication channels, managing change, coaching managers, and developing and delivering programmes to support professional development and enhance business capability.

Kylee finds it inspiring to work alongside the high calibre of people at Baldwins. She believes their enthusiasm and commitment to help Baldwins clients to protect their brands and innovations along with their desire to grow their own knowledge and careers, creates a fantastic work environment.
F: +64 9 373 2123