IP Ownership

It is imperative to ensure that you organisation owns or has the right to use business critical intellectual property.

Secure ownership for successful commercialisation

To extract maximum value from your intellectual property, you need to get the basics right. This includes ensuring you own all rights to your intellectual property. Failing to record changes in IP ownership or acquire all rights to purchased or developed intellectual property will result in unwanted delay and administrative costs.

In addition, your ability to generate revenue or to take action against people infringing your intellectual property can be jeopardised. Clear lines of intellectual property ownership and a good commercialisation model go hand in hand.

Expert assistance in an uncertain environment

A number of rules and exceptions surround ownership of intellectual property. Uncertainty can arise with:

  • the employment status and involvement of parties engaged to create intellectual property;
  • the date and method of creation of the intellectual property;
  • undocumented or incorrectly documented changes in title or identification of assets, and
  • variations in the laws of different countries.

Our specialists can help you avoid uncertainty and successfully navigate the ownership minefield. We will work with you to provide accurate advice and documentation that best fits your requirements. To learn more, please contact us today.

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