Registered Designs

Protect the unique appearance of your products and create a competitive advantage.

What is a registered design?

A registered design gives its owner the power to prevent others from making or selling a product that has a similar appearance to the registered design.  Registered designs can remain in effect for up to 10 to 20 years depending on the country in which the design is registered.

Designs are intended to protect features of a product that have ‘eye appeal’. Examples of product designs that may be registered include spectacle frames, tyre treads, lights, bottles, and icons for apps. 

In most countries, to obtain a design registration the design must be new at the time of filing the application to register. It is important therefore, that the design remains confidential until an application has been filed. 

Why register a design?

Designs are useful to at least prevent direct copying, although usually the protection they give extends beyond that.  They may be used strategically, especially with other rights such as trade marks and patent rights, to protect or expand market share and competitive advantage, increase the value of a business, and provide additional revenue streams. 

Baldwins’ expertise

We operate teams that have a depth of design rights experience in New Zealand and offshore.  We work with attorneys in other jurisdictions on a daily basis, so we have the skills and the network to assist in nearly all countries and technical areas. 

Our clients range from large multinationals to small businesses, start-ups, research organisations, universities and individuals.

Baldwins’ services include:

•    searches to determine the ability to use a product design;
•    filing and examination of registered design applications;
•    registered design portfolio management;
•    registered design audit and intellectual property reviews;
•    revocations of registered designs;
•    infringement and enforcement of  registered designs; and
•    licensing and transfer agreements.

For expert advice and assistance with design rights , contact our specialist team today.

Meet our experts

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