Registered Designs Filing & Examination

Filing and examination processes for registered designs are highly important in achieving the best possible scope of protection from your design rights.

Filing your registered design in New Zealand and abroad

Filing systems and requirements for design registration differ markedly from country to country.  Failure to adhere to filing requirements, particularly the drawing requirements for design registration, can have fatal consequences for applications in some countries.

Examination to define the scope of your rights

After filing, applications are typically examined by an intellectual property office examiner in the country in which the application has been filed.  In some countries the examination process before registration only reviews the formal requirements, such as clear drawings and correct applicant details.  In other countries a complete examination occurs.  This typically involves a search to see whether the design was new at the earliest filing date relating to the application.  Examiners issue a report that sets out their findings and often includes a number of objections of a technical nature. 

The skills required of an attorney are to understand the objections raised by the examiner and present arguments or application amendments that overcome the objections, while still maintaining the broadest possible scope of the design rights. 

Expertise and experience in the design registration process

Guiding a design application through examination requires a high level of expertise. It’s a familiar process for the Baldwins specialist team.  We work closely with agents and colleagues in overseas countries to manage design applications through the examination process to design registration. 

For specialist expertise in registered design applications, contact our experienced team today.

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